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The Adventures of Scurry

by Kari Putterman, age 8

Once there was a little girl named Sara. Sara had a little gray stuffed cat. They did EVERYTHING together. They rollerbladed, rode bikes, played soccer, went running and swimming. So today, they were going to Washington, D.C. on the train. They were going to go visit some museums and art galleries. Sara's stuffed cat's name was Scurry. Scurry always stayed in Sara's pocket. But today when Sara go off the train. . . Scurry was gone! Sara cried. She cried and cried. This was the beginning of Scurry's adventure, here is how it started.

Ding-Dong! This was Sara's stop so she jumped up. Scurry fell out of Sara's pocket! She had no time to get back in. Scurry stayed on the seat hoping that Sara would come back for her. But then another person SAT on her. Scurry climbed into his pocket hoping he would bring her to Sara. Ding Dong! It was another stop. The man got off the train with Scurry in his pocket. Scurry stuck her head out of the pocket hoping to see Sara but instead she saw the man was walking towards a huge tower that looked like a big white pencil! He went in, still not knowing about Scurry, and took the elevator to the top, not knowing that Sara was in the elevator with them! When he got to the top, everyone was looking out of the windows saying "Oohh" and "Ahhhh"! Scurry wanted to see what they were looking at, so she leaned out of the man's pocket further and further and further until. . . KERPLUNK!. . .Scurry landed on the ground. She wasn't going to give up so she started to climb up the man's leg again. When she was almost to the top he started trotting down the stairs and out the door. The man walked and walked. Scurry started having a strange feeling that she was too far away from Sara. When the man stopped at a hot dog vendor for a snack, Scurry jumped off.


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