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I thought about what I said. "I could name them!"

After a lot of thought, I came up with a name for each of them: Chrissy, Lou, Sam, Luke, Skit, Frankie, Puppy, Katie, Francis, Kit, Sally, Sue, Frank, Shrew, and Jack. All of them were special, but Shrew was the smallest wolf. Luke was the biggest, Fast and Brick were the fastest, and Brownie was the slowest.

There was a big dinner. The wolves brought back lots of food: five rabbits, two birds, three raccoons, and six trout. When I built a fire, I took two trout and put them over the fire. I slipped away, hoping to find some strawberries, but it was still too early in the spring and there were none to be found in the woods.

Ahhhh, nice smell, ain't it?" I asked the wolves.

After I had taken the roast trout down, I took a bite. The warm tender trout slivered into my mouth. It was great--so much food! I was about to take my second bite when I heard the thick trees rustle. I got scared. They rustled again and out came a huge, hairy, strong black bear. My teeth chattered, and for the second time on my journey I became terrified. The bear growled and charged at the food, making one of the wolves jump on him. It was stupid, but I ran. I ran for my life. Back in the distance, behind me, I heard snarling and whimpering. I ran harder, tears streaming down my face. I ran until I crashed into a three-forked tree. Wait, a three forked tree! Joy filled my mind. Remembering the map, I took the route back to my freinds. The three-forked tree was the last marker; from that point I went west. Suddenly I spotted my group. "Here I am! I shouted, seeing all the faces look at me.

"Lucy? Lucy is that you? Lucy, you have come back!" they shouted. They all came to hug me. "Lucy, oh Lucy! You've been gone for days! Oh, but you've returned! Oh, Lucy!"

Hot, festive food made my stomach satisfied, and a long, good rest made me feel great! I thought about the wolves. I thought about my life and wished I could still be with my wolf friends. Slowly I drifted to sleep.

Catherine, for the second time woke me up telling me it was the "Time to Say Goodbye" party. "Get into your good clothes, because it is warmer than when we began. Now it's spring!"

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