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"Okay," I answered sadly. The wolves wouldn't leave my mind.

After the party, I slowly returned to the campsite, where I knew my mom would be waiting for me.

"Oh, honey! How was your trip?" Mom asked after I had reached the campsite.

"It was okay," I said in a sad voice. I did not want to talk. I just wanted to go away where I could think. A few days of being with my mom made me want to be alone even more.

"Mom, I think it's time for me to be alone for a while, okay?" I asked.

"Sure, honey," she said, because this had happened before. She took me to our summer house.

Our summer house was lonely. I wasn't happy like I was before: happy, cheerful, active. I was too sad for any of those things. My house didn't even cheer me up. However, then all of a sudden a cry! But it wasn't just any cry; it was the cry of a wolf! I couldn't believe my ears. I went outside to my hill to find all the wolves racing down. My wolves! I was so happy! My wolves! "I love you guys!" I exclaimed, "I really do!"

I have lived with the wolves for all my life ever since I first got lost. Now they're a part of my family. I have a very good life and I love my wolves.


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