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A few hours later, when they all were tired and taking a nap, I noticed that they had taken me to their home. "It must have been when I was playing and running," I said quietly.

It was getting a little darker. The wolves were sleeping under trees and in caves. I decided to go into their main cave to sleep instead of under a tree. I definitely had to sleep with them, because going back to the trail and finding that three forked-tree seemed impossible, and finding my lost campsite would be too hard in the dark. But I wasn't afraid, because I knew the wolves were my friends. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.

I woke when one of the wolves licked my face. I started thinking I was in paradise, for it was getting close to spring, and the birds were chirping, wildflowers were sprouting and a friendly wolf was licking my face! I was very happy!

Having breakfast was not easy. The wolves brought back a dead rabbit, two raccoons, and a trout from a nearby river.

"Okay, guys you got anything easier to eat?" I asked sarcastically. I took some of the rabbit meat, it with a carved stick and then carefully built a fire. Fortunately, the wolves seemed unaffected by the fire. When i was done, I cooked the rabbit on top of the fire, careful not to let it get burnt. "Ahhh, roast rabbit! Yuuuuuumy!" It was good, but having meat wasn't my favorite breakfast. I just hoped we didn't have to have rabbit for lunch and dinner.

Hey guys! How 'bout some play?" I asked them and immediately after that, they all got up as if they knew what the word "play" meant.

It was a long, long day. First we played a fun game of ball, except it wasn't an ordinary game, because I would throw a pine cone and all of the wolves would chase it until one of them returned the prize. However, they wouldn't drop it. I would have to chase them to get the object back. And, boy, would I chase them! They would run so fast! I would run until my breath was out! And then I would lie down. The funny part was after I lay down, all of them would come rushing at me. One of the wolves would drop the object right on me. After several times of the object-throwing, I looked closely at the wolf who brought me the object. As I looked up into his bright yellow-orange eyes, he dashed away. "Skit!" I said. "You skit!"

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