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The map read, "Walk until you see a heart shaped rock," so I walked until I saw one, which took a while, because at first I thought it looked like a plain circle rock with a dent. The next thing the map said was to walk until you see a three-branched bush, and I could see just one bush in the distance. Hoping it was the one I wanted, I walked toward it and luckily it was the three-branched one. I spent hours following the map until it said to take a right hand turn and head west at a three-forked tree. I hadn't found the tree and was getting tired, so I decided to settle down. I went into the woods to get some firewood. Just as I began to get food out of my bag I heard something rustle in the woods. Then, it got louder. Out of the woods in front of me stood a grey figure. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and my fingers tingled. I tried to look closely at it, hoping to see what it was, but my eyes got blurry and my heart started pounding. Quickly kicking some snow onto the fire, I picked up my bag and ran. I kept on running until the smoke from the dying fire slithering in to the sky was all I could see. I set up my tents and laid down my sleeping bag as the sky grew darker every minute.

The happy sound of birds woke me up, though a scary thought came into my mind as I picked up the map: I didn't know where I was. I was off the trail and I didn't know what to do.

"Maybe if I settle here for just a little while, I'll find the track later," I said to myself, not really knowing what other options I had. As I sat there thinking, I heard the rustling sound again. Before I could move, the grey figure came out of the woods. This time I could see the figure clearly, and to my surprise, it was a wolf! Thinking it might attack, I slowly moved back. However, it moved closer to me, with a friendly face. I moved back again, when three other wolves entered the scene. They began to sniff me. One of the wolves barked, and a whole pack began to come out of the woods, including pups! I was amazed! So many of them, and they were all so playful! I followed their lead and began to play a romping chasing game with them. They were fast and graceful and would jump on me, knocking me down over and over. But they were gentle too, and I never got hurt.

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