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I must have fallen asleep, because one of the hikers shook me and said,"Lucy! Lucy wake up!"

"Huh? What?" I said, looking into the puzzled face of my friend. It was one of the friends I had made hiking. Her name was Catherine.

"It's evening, you must have slept through the day, when you asked for a break," Catherine explained. "Our hike leader is having a meeting."

"Oh," I said. Quickly I put on some warm clothes and went out to the fire where the group was meeting.

"Hello, everybody! I'm glad to see that we are all making progress with the hike. Since hiking all together is getting slow, I'd like to give everybody a map." Just then he passed out maps to everybody.

"This map is for tomorrow. You will all be hiking on your own to the place you see at the bottom. We will be close to Mud Lake, and I'm sure all of you remember going to Mud Lake, a lake close to our destination."

I looked at the map. It was a place far from where we were in Nevada, but it looked easy enough to hike to in about two or three days.

Luckily, Catherine chose to be my roommate. We went to sleep when everyone was told to. It was easy to go to sleep in the crisp mountain air.

I woke up early, ready to start the journey. I had to wake Catherine up, for she is a late sleeper.

"Okay, Catherine, ready?" I said to Catherine, when I woke her up.

"Okay, I'm ready!" Catherine said.

We started the journey. At first Catherine suggested we walk together, but after about five minutes, we parted.

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