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She then decide to go to the beach. She knew it was peaceful and quiet. Not today though! There were kids. Kids and kids and kids. Several of them spotted her. They pulled and pinched her. They even kicked her. Fast as an ostrich is how she ran to get away.

Not far away, she soon came to peace, quiet and, she hoped, food. She didn't have to go far. She saw a crab walking and minding its own business. Muffins decided that she would not mind her own business. She walked over to the crab and batted at it. It was just like a battery-operated toy. On, off, on, off. She was following it when she came to a small overhang. She was still following it when she fell off the overhang. She fell, and when she hit the water she thought she heard a small voice say, "I've got you."

She opened her eyes and found herself on a small ledge in an undersea cave. "

Hello," a small voice said.


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