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Muffins' Day at the Sea

by Jesse L. Andrews, age 12, from US


"Outta duh way yoush filthy flea bag!" Running away from the traffic and into the alley, Muffins sat down.

"Boy was that close," she sighed. But she really didn't say it. It sounded like a short meow. "I hate people who feel like they own the world," she declared. "People have no respect for the cat-race. Why, if I were human, people would treat me with so much respect I would be like a king and his followers." This, of course, sounded like an even longer meow.

She knew her stomach was growling. She knew she should go home, but she also knew nobody was home. This meant all the doors and windows were locked. So she decided to go the alley behind her house. Once she got there, her stomach was making even more "I'm hungry and you know it noises." To top it off, the uppity Angora was there. When they had last fought, the Angora had to go to the vet. Muffins got her share of scratches and scrapes too.


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