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She turned around and saw a small, brown animal that reminded her of a beaver.

"I'm Larry," the sea otter said. "I saw you falling and didn't believe that you would be very graceful in the water. Most cats aren't!" Muffin's stomach decided to make more noises. You're hungry. Good. I'll be right back." Larry said.

Then without even letting her ask any questions, he went into the water and disappeared. A minute later he came up with a seashell and a rock. He flipped onto his back and cracked open the shell with the rock. Handing her the cracked shell, he flipped onto his belly and heard Muffins say, "Ouch! This seashell is as hard as a rock."

"Open the shell and eat what's inside."

Muffins did and said, " It's a bit soft, but good. How am I going to get home?"

"I've already thought of that," was the reply.

Soon she was settled in on his stomach riding towards shore. They said good-bye and Muffins went home. She found food, an appointment to the vet, and her mistress, Jane.



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