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Jellybean Jake

by Kyle Ferrar, age 12, from Canada

Jellybean Jake, oh for gosh sake,
Once for his birthday had a jellybean cake.
He works and he cleans,
Just for jellybeans.
His mother said, "Oh Jellybean Jake,
I wonder what would happen if there was a jellybean lake."
He keeps his jellybeans in order from red to green to blue,
And he has so many jellybeans, he found some in his shoe!
When he was just a little lad,
The doctor said, "He's a jellybean mad!"
When he eats his jellybeans, he eats the red ones last.
"It's going to rain jellybeans," it said on the forecast.
Jellybean Jake ran out with his rake
And raked all he could rake.
He ate and he ate and ate all he could eat.
And he had so many jellybeans they overflowed his feet!
Jellybean Jake became so fat,
That you wouldn't believe he smothered his cat,
His Mom, his Dad, his dog Tom too!
I'd watch out for Jellybean Jake 'cause he could come after you!


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