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Rocky the Lion & Skippy the Hare

by Aarti Chawla, age 12, from India

Rocky the lion stood at the foot of the hill,
Trying to raise taxes for his electricity bill.
He put on the bulb exactly at dawn,
And by the evening the electricity was gone.
He used about 100 bulbs every season,
And you know very well what was the reason.
He as the king decided to raise taxes,
On televisions, radios, e-mails & faxes.

This was not liked by Skippy the hare, his minister,
And so he thought of a plan, so very sinister.
Skippy spread the news to all the creatures,
Who worked as plumbers, bussiness animals & teachers.
The plan was a very cunning one,
If the king heard of it, he'd get as hot as a bun.
And so the idea was carried out,
Quietly, I'll tell you what it was about.

The plumber stopped the water,
And so it remained hot.
The teachers stopped teaching,
The wise fox stopped his preaching
The monkeys stopped chattering,
And even the raindrops stopped pattering.
Such a sad sight had never been seen,
For taxes so high had never been.

The king got tired, hot & worried,
And so to the minister he hurried.
Skippy's words were wise, he said,
"Rocky Raja, you'd better go to bed.
You need a rest from your faxes.
" Quietly he whispered, "And the subjects from your taxes."
The king slept for 14 days & 14 nights,
And that was when the animals got their rights.

So the animal kingdom was normal again,
But the king will wake up, so watch out then.


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