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It's Time for a Change by Amber Barbour

Hand in Hand by Naomi Furuki

Goodbye by Satoshi Hirayama

Victims by Makoto Iwata

Pakistan and India by Shota Kawabata

August 9th by Yusuke Kusumoto

I Want to Tell You by Miyuki Mastuda

One Drop by Misaaki Mineyama

In an Instant by Taiki Miyahara

In Nagasaki by Sho Mizushima

Nuclear Test by Kenji Morisaki

Destroy or Disappear by Hisako Nakagama

Victims by Naoko Nakamura

It Seems to Us by Sachiko Nakatsukuma

How Should I Live? by Mika Nakatsumo

Fool by Hanh Nguyen

Why? by Jenny Row

In My Dreams by Al Tominaga
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