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by Anna Ziemak

Life is like a lime.
Sometimes it can be sweet, cold, tart or bitter.
It has love and kindness.
Sometimes it can be hard but we are strong.
We have cool lives and sad lives.
Our souls will never die but we will always have faith in God.
We could love each other if we have the heart.
Give peace to the world.
Be kind or people will not be kind to you.
Love is in the air.
Pray for the sick.
Life is like a lime or a lemon.
It is sweet, tart, juicy and fresh.
ThatŐs the way we are.
We can be sweet as a flower.
Were we born with our spirit or was that spirit in us all along?
Shoot for your love in the sky.
Your dreams will soar in the sky forever.
Goodnight now for your dreams must guide among your future.




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