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Is This Really Life?

by Ashleigh Proske, age 12, from US

Is this life really real
Or is it an imagination
Pull off its seal
A meaning in one
Is a meaning in itās self
But does a meaning really exist
Or is it something else
That continues to persist
Life a porpoise
Of questions
That we still donāt know
Places that we still must go
So many things
To understand
Across the land
What is real
Or is real, real
Is there something there to feel
Or do you feel in one
Or is life created
To make life
To make real
To make you actually think that you feel
If we were meant to be
Then why does vein
Go throughout you and me
People say that if the universe ends there
Would be nothing
No time in existence
But time would still go on
Maybe in different ways
But it would still happen
People say that existence
Would be no longer
But existence did not come from anything
Nothing in one could create something
Something comes from something
The only question is what
There must be something beyond this existence
Because, here comes the vein issue again
We think of it as our universe
And that only our universe could exist
But what proof is there of that
How do you know that the universe did not exist forever
Something comes from everything
That would mean that time repeats is self
Meaning it continues
No matter what


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