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The Story of Hannukah

by Jessie Robins, age 11, from US

It all began, as they say,
at a place far away.
That place was called Jerusalem.
And that is where it all began.
Antiochus was the King
He wanted everything
He wanted all the Jews to
bow down to all his fake statues
he said "These are the gods!
You shall bow down to them,
no matter what the odds"
But some of the Jews disagreed,
"I'd rather run away,
than bow down to these!"
One Jew was Mattathias
and he heard what he said
he said he'd rather run away
and that is what he did
He took some of the other Jews
that said "If you please
we want to go with you
than bow down to these!"
So as they went to be
Mattathias and his Maccabees
They hid in the Mountains
Way up high
The great mountains of Sinai
They hid there in a little cave
All of them were afraid
Now Mattathias had a son
He came with them too,
He was good to everyone
And obeyed the rules of a Jew
One day when he was very old
Mattathias died, I'm told
Then it came to be
Judah and the Maccabee's
Now one day Judah said
"I'm tired of this and I dread,
The city is in terrible condition
and so is the temple, in addition."
So Judah took his Maccabees
and asked them: "If you plese
I'd like to attack,
to get our country back?"

The answer then and there was yes
So they set off to exterminate the pest
When they came down from the top
they felt like they were going to pop
Right away they started battle
They just wished they had a paddle
or something else to hurt them with
and drive away this crazy bit
But, as the story goes,
That wasd the first miracle G-d chose
That Judah and his Maccabees, won
and they all screamed "We're Free"
But they looked in the temple,
and, oh what a mess!
There were pigs in the temple and what next
Statues of what they believed was G-d
was not the rest
There was dirt and vines on all the walls
and in those days there was not 1-800 calls
They had to do it themselves
and it took a long while
But everyone helped to put the
temple in style
As they sighed they spied only a little oil left
"Why those big thefts!"
screamed the people of Israel
"There's nothing left!"
Wecan get more but it might take long
The oil won't last!
It's almost all gone
Now here is the second miracle
The oil lasted long
The oil lamp was strong
and the oil lasted 8 days
and 8 nights
There was more oil
but no more frights
And that's my Hanukkah story.


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