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'Tis the Season

by Jessica Downing

Sleigh bells are you listening?
Around the bend snow is glistening.
Tis the season!
Snow is patting on the roofs,
The pattered sound of little hovs.
Tis the season!
Santa soon will be on his way,
With toys and goodies piled high in his sleigh.
Tis the season!
Neighbors and friends join together,
Christmas is coming you can tell by the weather.
Tis the season!
Shopping for the perfect gift,
Wrapping them and hope they fit!
Tis the season!
Books to read, cards to sign,
Soon it will be Christmas time!
Tis the season!
Decorations to be hung,
Songs to be sung.
Tis the season!
When Christmas is coming it is so fun.
Working together, helping everyone!
Tis the season!
All the children shout horray!
Tomorrow will be Christmas day!
Tis the season!



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