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Her Pain Inside

by Liz Doerner, age 12, from US

Darkness hits her like a stormy black stallion,
willing itself to be free.
Betrayal and fury,
anger and affliction pile upon themselves,
until they result in salty-hot tears.
Rage resides to sadness,
like a war-worn commander admits defeat.

Quiet pain echoes her emptiness where sunny joy once was held,
but now where only her tormenting memory remains.
A familiar pang of hopelessness beats rhythmically inside,
while her happiness at present takes over.
But this damage of stinging tears and a wounded heart,
always remain.
While she tries to again regain happiness and courage.

Eventually the memory fades,
to a black discoloration against a white page of joy.
And is remembered as where she was at the bottom of the wheel of life,
a wheel that will go up,
just as it will go down.


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