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by Jenny Row, age 10, from US

Why do people judge,
By the color of skin,
When the outside doesn't matter?
What really counts is in.

Why do some dislike,
Other's outsides that show,
When inside there is kindness?
This I do not know.

Why do we waste food,
When some don't eat for days?
Why do we throw out,
When for a scrap of foot some pray?

Why do countries fight?
Why must soldiers die?
When there could be peace,
Instead of saying good-bye?

Why is the ocean polluted?
The animals are down to a few.
Why is there trash everywhere?
The river is more brown than blue.

The world is full of problems,
As you can clearly see.
Someone needs to fix them,
It's up to you and me.

We need to learn to share,
To listen, to understand,
To live in peace and harmony,
Because the future is in our hands.


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