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Jokes by Elizabeth, 11 years old

The Kids In My Neighborhood Are So Tough...
They're so tough that they use barbed wire for dental floss.
They're so tough that when they play cops and robbers, it with real cops.
They're so tough anyone who still has his own teeth and ears moved away.

Nutty Nonsense Limerick
A ghoul stood on the bridge one night,
It's lips were all a-quiver.
It gave a cough,
It's leg fell off and floated down the river.

Books for Cooks
Italian Food by Liz Anya, Manny Kotty, Minnie Stroni, and Lynn Giuni
The Tin Can Cookbook by Billie Gote Stomach Cramp by Henrietta Greenapple
Time to Eat! by Dean R. Bell

A Joke Or Two About YOU!
How many hairs are there on a pig's head?
The next time you use a comb, count them.

How many toes does a monkey have?
Take off your shoes and let's look.

What goes "Tick-tock, woof-woof"?
A watchdog

What is a cat's favorite breakfast?
Mice Krispies

How do Martians shave?
With laser blades

What is a personal foul?
A chicken of you own

How many vampires does it take to change a lightbulb?
None, vampires prefer dark

You're Such A Terrible Athlete...
if you ran a bath, you'd come in last
if you played the piano, the piano would win
if you beat an egg, we'd all be suprised

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