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Q: You must have a lot of boyfriends too.

A: (Laughing) Just one.

Q: Is he famous too or just a regular guy?

A: He's a regular guy. Sometimes the issue of my being a celebrity comes up, but he's able to deal with it.

Q: How long have you been seeing him?

A: About six months.

Q: One of the things that I find interesting about your character is that in the beginning Claudia was really young, and now she's a teenager, so she's really grown up on the show.

A: Yes, Claudia is going through a self-discovery process now. She's not sure she wants to stay in high school, and in future episodes she'll be deciding whether to take the GED and go to college early. In the next episode she'll be the victim of date-rape. So then she'll have to deal with the pain of violation and all that that entails.

Q: Now that Jennifer Love Hewitt has left the series to do her own show, have you given any thought to doing the same?

A: Yes, there have been talks about doing another show.


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