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Q: Since you're an avid shopper, do you have any tips on what the next trends among teens will be?

A: I don't know--I can't keep up. I'm not trendy.

Q: Tell me a little about your life. You're 17, right?

A: Yes, I'm 17. I'm a junior right now.

Q: Do you go to a regular high school, or do you have a tutor on the set?

A: I have to have a tutor because I'm working five days a week.

Q: I realize that Party of Five is set in San Francisco, but you don't shoot it there, do you?

A: No, we do most of the shooting in L.A. However, I just got back from San Francisco, because we were shooting some scenes up there a couple of days ago.

Q: Too bad we didn't get a chance to get together while you were here. San Francisco is where I live and where we put together Cyberteens. Do you live at home with your parents?

A: Yes, I live in L.A. with my parents, my younger brother and 3 dogs: 2 miniature pinschers and an English bulldog named Claudia.

Q: Was Claudia named after your character?

A: Yes, we just got her, so she's the newest member of the family.I also have two older sisters who are married. They don't live with us, but I see them all the time.

Q: So you're close to your family?

A: Very close. I like to get together with my sisters and my nephews, and I try not to travel on weekends so that I can spend time with friends & family.


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