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I thought my dad would be getting worried, so I started to run.

Joe Torre said, "Pettit, you're on the mound. Jimmy Key hurt his arm."

I started to run, but the security guard was blocking the locker room entrance.

So, I was on the mound and I heard my dad scream, "That's not Petit, It's my son."

He came running, jumping over seats, pushing people out of his way. The security guard held him back.

The umpire said, "Play Ball."

The first pitch I pitched, the umpire yelled, "Ball one."

The ball had gone about six feet and stopped dead. "Ball two! Ball three! Ball four! Take your base."

After about fourteen walks, Torre came out to the mound.

My dad screamed, "Torre, come here."

Torre ran over to my dad. Torre said, "What do you want? I am coaching a major league baseball game here and we are in a win or lose situation."

So Torre talked to my dad and Petit came running down from the stands.

My dad said, "This is Pettit!"

"Holy cow!" Torre said. "I thought your son looked a little short."

I got to go watch the rest of the game in the sky box. I got the whole team's autograph and season tickets free! So, the game turned out great after all, and the Yankees won 10-4.



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