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My Run-In With the Yankees

by Max Elias, age 10, from US

I have always wanted to go to see a Yankee game, so one morning I woke up very early. It was a very sunny day out, and my dad said, "Get up, we are going to see a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium."

"I hope I get some autographs." I said.

After the four hour drive (due to the traffic) we had to find our seats. We asked an usher where row A, seats one and two were.

"Through that door," he said.

We followed his directions, found our seats, and sat down.We had to wait hours until the game started. I said to my dad, "I'll go and get some sodas. I'll be right back."

When I left my seat I was looking for the soda man, but I couldn't find him. I wandered and wandered. After a couple hours of wandering, I thought that the game should be starting soon. I took the elevator all the way down to ask for directions back to my seat.

I couldn't believe it. I saw Bernie Williams! He put a card in a slit in the wall. It shut behind him. Beyond the wall was the Yankee locker room. Bernie had left the card in the wall.

I said to myself, "This is my chance to get some autographs."

I pressed the card into the wall. The door started turning and I was in the locker room.

Joe Torre, the manager, said, "Hey, you're the new rookie they sent up from the minors."

I said. "Nnn--..."

He said, "You're short, but you can probably play if they sent you up from the minors. Your locker is over there. All your stuff is inside."

I played along with it, because all the players were standing by my locker. Well, it wasn't really my locker. I had a plan. I'd get some autographs and run.

So much for that idea.

All the players laughed and called me names.

Paul O'Neil said, "Hey shortfry, get out of here."

I ignored them. I thought it would be cool to wear a real Yankee uniform, and actually sit in the Yankee dugout! So I played along. My jersey said "Pettit," but I didn't care. The uniform was a little big, but I wore it anyway.

The game had started. There was something written on the bench. It said, "Babe was here." I turned my head to see Paul O'Neil. He had a hit. It was going, going, going. OUT! What a catch by Ken Griffey Jr.! Paul O'Neil slammed his helmet. He broke his bat, and came into the dugout. He kicked over the water jug. Derek Jetter and I started laughing.


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