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"Hold your horses, Skippy, I am an old horse, give me some time. Jeez, you little sheep always running around looking for trouble. All right!" he moaned as he leaned heavily against a haystack (his legs weren't as good as they used to be). "What is your question, Skippy?"

"Seymour, has Henrietta said anything to you about kidnapping a small sheep yesterday? Any sheep named Egor?"

"Yes, yes, I reckon something being brought up about your chum, Egor. I did not hear all of what she said. I was quite tired and was dozing off every once and a while, but I did hear a few things. Now, if I can remember, there was something about Egor and a lamb chop machine. Oh, and something about all the sheep, and no more sheep...and a lamb chop machine. Yes, yes, I think that's all. Yepper bucko, I hope I was a help to you," replied Seymour, the old champion racing horse.

"Helped me? Oh Seymour, you've solved my problems! Thank you, Seymour, thank you! A thousand times thank you!" his voice trailed off as he ran the other way towards his planning barn. ****Two Hours Later****

Skippy decided to move to a different, more confined planning place. Since the incident in the last barn, he considered it bad luck. He was now in the pigsty, far away from the barn, where there was more room to work anyway, since Henrietta had already gotten rid of all the pigs. There wasn't a single person or thing to distract him, except the horrible, permanent, everlasting smell of pigs. Oh the smell! It made a perfect planning spot, because it was so far away (for the obvious reasons), and therefore no one, especially Henrietta, would be there to bother him.

"Yes, yes, and then I'll...oh! Yes that'll work and oh! Perfect! mumbled Skippy, "ah ha!" he exclaimed as he held up his finished layout for his plan.

"Tomorrow I will begin the rescue! Saving the entire population of sheep on this farm, and my best friend, Egor!"



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