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"I'm allergic to...I'm allergic to...ACHOOO!!! I'm allergic to hay."

Then, instantly, Henrietta turned toward Skippy and Egor's hiding spot and stared Egor straight in the eye. Oh no! Oh no! Egor looked around frantically for a place to run into or an opening to run out of. Skippy didn't know what to do, so he just kept sinking further and further into the haystack. Egor kicked anxiously as Henrietta slowly reached for Egor's small tan body with black fur and white hooves, and picked him up toward her by the leg.

"Ep! Skippy! Help me Skippy! She's going to kill me! HELP!!!" whispered Egor trying not to be heard by the monstrous woman.

Egor's eyes darted helplessly from the farmer to Skippy and back again over and over. Skippy knew not what to do, so he sat there, staring back at Egor, watching him being taken away by the horrible Henrietta. ****The Next Day On The Farm****

Skippy was wandering the farm yard trying to conjure up a plan to get his friend Egor back and rid of that awful farmer once and for all, and in the mean time trying not to get himself killed either.

While Skippy thought of a plan, he walked by Maud, the three-legged horse in the stable. "Skippy! I heard about Egor! I'm so sorry about that, old friend. I wish there was some way I could help him get back!" cried Maud.

"Thank you Maud, and I think there might be. I think there just might be. I'll let ya know if I need you to help me, Maud! In fact..." Skippy pondered for a moment while staring deep into the sky, "Yes, yes! It just might work. You gave me an idea! Oh ,Maud, you are a genius!" exclaimed Skippy, and he happily galloped away.

"Oh! Hehe! Thank you! I never thought of myself as a genius, yes, oh I like that idea..." Maud blabbered to herself pointlessly, Skippy was on his way to see Seymour, the retired champion racing horse. He thought he could get something very useful out of Seymour. He was Henrietta's favorite animal in all the farmland, and she told him everything, and I mean everything!

"Seymour? Excuse me? Seymour! I am in great need of your help Seymour! I would be forever grateful if you were kind enough to help me!" pleaded Skippy, standing at the gate to the ribbon-decorated stable of Seymour, the great champion racing horse.



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