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Molly tried her best to help Brook, but Brook just didn't listen. By then it was the day of her performance. Back stage, everyone was wishing Brook luck, because she was going on stage for her solo performance.

The music started and it was a soft and peaceful song. Thirty seconds into the song Brook started feeling really dizzy and fainted. Someone yelled to call 911, but Molly had already done so.

At the hospital, the nurse came out and asked, "Does anyone know how she began this eating disorder?" Everyone shook his or her head, even Molly.

"I know why," said a voice, "I told her she might want to lose ten pounds, but I told her about what would happen if she went too far. I also said she shouldn't take this seriously. I guess she just didn't listen. I'm Brook's dance teacher." she said, acting really surprised that Brook didn't listen.

"Well she seems to be feeling better so I think it would be okay if you all went in and saw her."

As they all went in they looked at her and she looked very sick. Brook was pale and looked like she was almost about to die.

When she was able to go home the doctors said that she needed to find help! Molly was with her and said that she had already talked to someone and could start right away. So they sent her home, and Molly was mad at Brook for doing what she did, but was glad that she was okay.
"Thanks for being a great friend, Molly," said Brook with a smile.


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