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While Brook was changing, she couldn't fit into her dance clothes, and realized that she did need to go on a diet.

A few days went by, and Brook's diet consisted of a cup of grapes and water for dinner, nothing for breakfast, and a plain piece of bread for lunch. Then, as days went by, she just ate a cup of grapes and water for the whole day. After Molly saw what Brook had been eating, she started to worry about Brook. Brook was very proud of how she was losing so much weight.

"Hey, Brook?" Molly asked.


"I have to go to dance practice, so I won't be home till later, and while I'm gone, could you please eat something, I'm afraid you're doing something harmful to your body, and I think you should stop. I better be going, I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye."

When Molly was at dance, her and her friend, Lacey, were talking about Brook.

"Lacey, I'm really worried about Brook," said Molly. She sounded really scared.

"Yeah, so do you know when it started?" replied Lacey.

"Well, let's see. She said she wasn't hungry for breakfast one morning. So, around a month ago."

"Goodness, Molly, you should really talk to someone, because I know you don't want anything to happen to Brook, right?"

"Yeah, you're right. I'll talk to Brook first, and if she still doesn't eat, I'll find real help."

So that night Molly went home and talked to Brook. Brook was listening, but still didn't agree with Molly.

Later that night, Molly was searching for help for Brook. She had trouble finding help, but managed to find someone to help her. Brook's dance performance was just a week away, and it would take much longer than just a week, and she needed help. She wouldn't be able to go to the first appointment until two weeks from now. The person that was willing to help Brook told Molly that would be okay for now, but to get her in as soon as possible, and to encourage her to eat more throughout the week.



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