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Fran replied, "I don't think so; we shall eat blueberry cakes and you shall eat nothing till you die."

"We shall battle berry against berry. Blueberries against strawberries until there is only one kind of berry in Berry Berryland," Mary stated.
The berry battle began between the berry people of Berry Berryland. They threw all kinds of berry pies, cakes, and cookies at each other until Madame Raspberry came back from her vacation from Chocolate Falls and Vanilla Swirls and saw what the people of Berry Berryland were doing.

She yelled, "STOP! Just what do you think you're doing? Just look at what you've done to Berryland. All of our beautiful and delicious berries are destroyed. Did you forget that we are called Berry Berryland because ALL of the berries in Berry Berryland are the berry best?"

All the people of Berry Berryland came together and cleaned up the mess they had made. Mary Huckleberry and Fran Mullberry made up an became berry best friends and created a new kind of berry. Then they made a new dessert for the next annual Berry Berryland Founder's day celebration. They called it Strueberry pancakes. They lived berry berry happily every after.



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