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Mary's strawberry shortcakes were first to be judged. Judge Raspberry was very impressed with Mary's strawberry shortcakes. Then it was Fran's turn. When Judge Raspberry took a bite of Fran's beautiful blueberry cake he suddenly felt something crawling all over his face.
"Oh my goodness these are not beautiful blueberries, these are berry bad bugs. How could you do this to the people of Berry Berryland!" he screamed at Fran.

Poor Fran was so shocked she just didn't know what to do. She knew it had to be Mary Huckleberry that had done this to her. Fran Mullberry stormed over to Mary Huckleberry and said, "This is not over. I will get you for this." Then she took Mary's delicious strawberry shortcake and dumped it on her head.

Judge Raspberry told the ladies to stop their fighting right now. He had an idea about how to find out if blueberries or strawberries are better. Judge Raspberry held a vote, and the people of Berry Berryland voted that blueberries were best.

"I have won the judging and you have won the vote," said Mary. "You can gather your blueberry people, and I will gather my strawberry people. We shall eat delicious strawberry cakes, and you shall eat nothing till you die."


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