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Chapter 7 - A Close Call

he next day was Wednesday, and the class did not usually go to the pond that day. But, they had convinced Flo that there was some trash that they had forgotten, and that they should go there to get rid of it. Some of the kids went with Jacob to the area where the camera had been hidden to get it.

The others either distracted Flo or picked up trash that they had stowed behind some bushes the day before. Soon, Flo saw a big pile of trash and didn't get suspicious about a thing! She said, "I can't believe there is so much trash! I guess it is a good thing we came back."

At the southwest area of the pond, Jacob looked inside the viewer of the camera and said, "Well, we got something on here. I just hope that it is what we want." They returned quickly back to where the rest of the class was, but not quick enough! They found out that they were a little late, and Flo was looking for them!

When she saw them, Flo was a little irritated. She asked where they had been. They said they were just behind a bush with a ton of trash. While they were explaining, Jacob sneaked away to Emily and gave her the camera to put in her back pack. They apologized for coming back late. "I guess we lost track of time, Flo," said Garret, "we will be more responsible next time, we promise." They all walked back to class in silence. They knew that it had been a close call.


After lunch, Megan S. bravely asked Flo to leave the room for a half hour because students had to work on a project. She said that they would share it with her after they finished. Flo agreed hesitantly, and with a puzzled look on her face, said, "I trust all of my students to make responsible choices and be truthful."

As she left, all of the students felt a little guilty. Jacob quickly set up the video while Andrew turned on the TV and pressed "Play." They all watched in silence.


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