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Chapter 8 - The Video

As the kids sat at their desks watching the TV, they saw absolutely nothing for a few minutes. Andrew pressed "Fast Forward." It was very dark, but they could see a van pull up to the edge of the pond. On the side of the car it read "AL WOLF & KATIE JONES MINERAL DEVELOPMENT CO"! They couldn't see the license plate.

Then, two people got out and unloaded some equipment from the car. They walked over to the fenced area and, with a key, opened a gate and went directly to the area with the pits. Then they started to drill in the pits. It looked like they put something from the pits in a big tub and carried it back to the van.

There was noise from wind in the bushes, but they could make out some conversation. The wind stopped for a brief second, and they heard the woman say, "We're going to strike it rich!" Then they heard the man say that they were going to meet at the same place and time on Thursday. The two people put all of the equipment in the van and left.

Andrew turned off the TV and Jacob put the camera in his desk to take home. They gave the tape to Megan S. for safe keeping. They discussed what they should do next. "We've got to meet at the pond this Thursday night at 10:30 pm sharp at the southwest viewing platform," said Megan S. They all agreed. Flo had just walked back in the classroom. They all quickly said good-bye to Flo, because it was already time for class to end.


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