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The Lipstick Mystery

by Jacqueleen Bush, age 10, from US

Chapter 1 - The Phone Call

Early last week, investigators Mary-Ann Carpenter and Jonathan Anderson were sitting in their office. It was a slow day with not a case to work on. Then the phone rang and Mary answered it, "Hello..."

"Hello," said the chief on the other end, "I have a case for you. It seems Miss Stephanie Callow, the actress, was murdered last night."

He continued, "She was having a party last night when there was a blackout. She went into the kitchen to get her flashlight. Then there was a loud blood shivering scream. The light came on and Miss Stephanie was dead."

"The only clues we have so far are a knife (which belonged to the cook), the maid's bracelet, and a smudge of lipstick on the murdered victim. Well, I've got to go. Good-bye and good luck."

Mary told Jonathan. They rushed out the door and into the car. Mary directed Jonathan (who was driving) to Stephanie's house where the murder had taken place.

"The blackout must have been purposely caused, because none of the other homes in this area were affected," said Mary.

Then Jonathan said, "You're right. I bet the maid, Jessica Annatone, went down into the basement, flicked off the lights and came back up through the basement door into the kitchen. She must have picked up the cook's knife and killed Stephanie."

Mary sat and thought to herself for a moment. Then she said, "But it seems so simple. Why would Jessica make it seem so obvious?"

Jonathan gave Mary a puzzled look. Then he said, "I don't know, but let's go look at Stephanie's body before we go any farther."

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