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"Then please get to work!" One soldier on the third branch sighed. He didn't like the general at all! He gave them gruel, and globs of oyster and rusty water. Plus the soldier admired the angel and wished he could someday meet her. He wanted to please her, so he went right to work collecting pine needles. He was the first one to go up to the angel and give her the basket, for his was the first basket to be full.
"Here you are, Your Angelness," he said when he got to the top where the angel was.

"Thank you, soldier--." "Soldier Scott, Your Angelness."

"Thank you, and I'm very proud, because you are the first one to fill a basket." Scott blushed. You could especially tell he was blushing because of his dark hair. His eyes were as dark as his hair, and his hair was as dark as wet dirt. Altogether Scott had filled forty-five baskets.

"This is enough to feed the tree for a week," gasped Mary Anne, the angel. "I'm very proud of you all."

After the pine business was taken care of, Soldier Scott went to the top of the tree to see the pretty angel. He bowed and said, "Your Angelness, I... uh... well... I mean, um..."

"Well," Mary Anne laughed and smiled her pretty smile.

"I-- um, I wanted to come and see the angel in person."

Mary Anne and Scott started talking and got to know and like each other. Finally Mary Anne said, "You may call me Mary Anne." Scott nearly fainted. No one had ever gotten permission to call the angel by her first name! What an honor! Such a privilege! Scott was just plainly flabbergasted.

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