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"What is this announcement?" asked a little red ball who hung from the seventh branch.

"Hush!" silenced the harsh general. The general frowned at the ball, and the ball was terrified, but it did not show, for the angry general was watching.

The general was very selfish and wanted to rule the tree himself. He wanted to be waited on, hand and foot, but it would be difficult for his wish to come true.

"As I was saying," the angel continued, "there are no sweets on the tree. We will have to eat pine. It tastes like the green vegetables the Smith family eats--salad, I think."

The tree groaned. "Half of you will organize the water the tree gets. Tree, make sure you don't drink it all. Garland, you bring it all over, for you are the only one who goes all around the Christmas tree in one piece. Balls, Tinsel and Lights, you must pick pine off the tree and toss it down. Soldiers, you pick up the pine and fill baskets. When you fill one basket, bring it to me and I will put it in the container up here. Everyone, do you understand?" Every string of tinsel, every ball and every ornament and light nodded.

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