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That was when the turkeys made their move. They stepped out of the kitchen cupboards and said to the families, "We have decided to take over the world. Be our slaves or we will attack you with our rotten pumpkins!"

The humans all thought the turkeys were whacked out, so they said "Yeah, whatever" and agreed to be their slaves, not knowing what was in store for them.

The humans thought that turkeys were just harmless animals that had good meat on their bones. But not really. The turkeys seized the humans and tied them all up. The turkeys were prepared for this situation. The turkey president had had 100,000,000 automatic feeders made, which were set up in the humans' houses. It fed the humans not-so-appetizing meals every five hours. The turkeys were pleased with their accomplishments. All in one day, they had taken over the world and figured out a plan to keep the humans quiet for awhile.

Now, 2004 years later, the feeding machines are still working. And every November 23, the whole turkey population celebrates Gnivigsknaht with a feast of stuffed beetles.


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