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The Turkey Takeover

by Sarah Bates, age 11, from US

It is the year three thousand. The date is November 15. The whole turkey population in the United States is preparing for their annual Gnivigsknaht feast. They celebrate this feast in remembrance of the day when turkeys took over the world.

It happened on November 23, 1996. It was the day that humans celebrate their holiday of Thanksgiving. On this holiday people ate turkeys and other such foods. The turkey population didn't like this idea so they decided to take over the world. The only people they had mercy on were the vegetarians!

At 2:00 p.m. on November 23, turkeys sneaked into every house in the country. They were armed with pumpkins that they found left over from another human holiday the month before. They crept in through the windows and hid in the kitchen cupboards. The mothers then went into the living room to talk with their sisters about their sons' falling grades and their daughters begging to get contacts instead of glasses. That is what mothers do all day, you know. So anyway, after everyone was out of sight, the turkeys slipped out of the cupboards and opened the pots which contained the dead turkeys. They took the real turkeys out of the oven and replaced them with rubber chickens. They took the turkeys and dumped them outside.

With a smirk on their faces, they left the houses. The turkeys gathered in a clearing in the middle of the woods. They celebrated their achievements with a feast of stuffed beetles.

The next part of their mission began at about 6:00 p.m. when the families were sitting down for dinner. As the mothers all uncovered the platters with the rubber chickens on them, all the families gasped! In front of them was not a turkey, but a rubber chicken!

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