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When Santa Got Stuck in My House

by Winnie Agarwal, age 10, from US

It all started on one cold snowy Christmas Eve. I never really knew that it would happen. But do you know what did happen? Santa got stuck in our house! Well, let me start from the beginning of the story.

On that cold, snowy, windy night, my mother tucked me into my bed and told me that Santa would soon be coming to our house. She also asked, "Billy, did you remember to put out milk and cookies for Santa?"

Good heavens! My mother was right! I hadn't put out cookies and milk for Santa! Would Santa not give me presents if I forgot to put out his food? There was a stream of panic inside me.

I hustled down the stairs and flung open the refrigerator. As my eyes looked around the refrigerator, they spotted that there was not enough milk for a big eater like Santa. When I opened the cabinet to get cookies, I found that there were only two cookies left. Now what would I do?

Suddenly I had a good idea. I would put out some of my best Halloween candy for him. I had to be quick though. It was almost midnight. Santa would put me on the bad list if I wasn't in bed by midnight. I ran up to my room, grabbed my pumpkin full of my candy. (Actually, I shouldn't say full--there were only a few pieces of candy left--at least this year I had saved the best candy for last.)

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