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A trumpeter swan curved up his neck and bellowed the signal that it was time to awaken to another day. A raccoon scurried across a well beaten path toward a small tree with juicy round oranges. He did not know that right behind him an evil intruder rested. The raccoon breathed in the air. He smelled something strange. As he turned around, he leapt in fear, for there lay a hideous python, its dark eyes glaring viciously! The raccoon sped away. The animals did not know what a python was, for he had come from a foreign country. They were defenseless against him. He killed their babies and destroyed their homes. He was planning to poison the island to kill them all off.

One day a turtle and his wife were walking along when the python slithered toward them. The turtle managed to get away but his wife wasn't so lucky. The turtle was furious! He knew he had to stop the python but he could not do it alone. He thought and thought until an idea dawned on him. He and an armadillo mated and when the baby was born, they hid it from the python. With the armadillo's protective scales and the turtle's cleverness, the baby grew strong and healthy.

One day they decided that it was time for the python and their son to meet and to fight. The fight was fierce and the two animals showed no mercy. It lasted all day, but when the first ray of the new sun peered over the mountain top, the python fell down dead.

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