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The Legend of Flower Valley

written by Kelsey Rexroat, age 10
illustrated by Kelly Dooley, age 10

Far away, on an island never before seen by human eyes, there is a magical place filled with enchanted creatures, known as Flower Valley. Here, beautiful flowers gleam from glittering dewdrops reflecting light from the bright sun. Slender, sparkling branches of trees form perfect arches over clumps of juicy, wild berries. Their tender leaves hobble and sway in the cool tropical breezes. A graceful deer comes out with her fawn and she dips her head down to take a drink from the stream as it flows over rocks worn smooth over the years. She raises her head, her long lashes brushing a colorful butterfly's delicate wings. She spies a sleek cougar, but she does not fear, for all the animals are at peace.

Because of their peaceful surroundings, none of the creatures sensed the danger that lurked nearby, for they did not know what danger was. None of them were prepared for that day when Flower Valley almost came to a tragic end. . .

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