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I'll be a navigator I thought with a twitch of my tail. " Go east, then turn south," I directed with authority. I knew a short-cut, so I got there before her. I'm sure she knew it too, but was playing along with me.

I was running so fast when I got there, I skidded to a screeching halt, and bonked my nose on the cute, little, red house and all I could see were stars, but somehow I found my way in.

When I got there, I suddenly felt very righteous. With my nose in the air, I honored my grandfather by imitating the big, bad wolf that he was. Suddenly, voices in my head started saying "RUN and EAT GRANNY!" I got so dizzy that I decided to just swallow granny whole. I was against my religion to do otherwise. I was just joking around anyway! As I burped, I thought how mean I was. To honor granny, I decided to be Ms. Granny herself. I got into her clothes.

I began to wait for Little Red. Soon she came. When she saw me in bed, she commented, "My what big teeth you have!"

"More the better to eat you with my dear!" I answered, stupidly, due to the waltzing lolli-pops in my head. I was very surprised to see a man come in. Little Red called him to play a part in my game, I guessed. Apparently he wanted to be a doctor, and do surgery on me, because he pulled out a knife. The next thing I knew, I was watching the glistening knife dive towards my dear heart. Since he wasn't really a doctor, that knife, it ripped my acting career into little bitty shreds of wolf bits. I no longer had hopes to be "The Actor of the Forest," unless it was posthumously!



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