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The Wolf's Side of Little Red Riding Hood

by Isabelle Cross, age 11, from US

I was just a poor, innocent wolf with the destiny to be an actor. I had known Little Red for a while, long enough for her to know me very well, I thought. But, apparently I was wrong. So get ready you guys who love the little red-hooded girl and hate the good ol' wolf. Here's my side of the story.

As I said before, I wanted to be an actor. Wolves can be actors too. They can be the hairball wolfers out to explore new tastes...well you get the point! I wanted to be the "Actor of the Forest" and receive a Golden Pine Branch Award. Well! I know what I'll do! I'll play different roles of different things! I'll be the best actor ever! I thought with determination about what I was going to do as I set off into the dark, damp, forest.

As I entered the forest I soon saw two shiny blue eyes sparkling through the darkness. Before I attempted to run up a tree, (I'll admit, I'm a scardey-wolf!) I sniffed the piney smelling air. I accidentally inhaled a piece of bark nearby and started to sneeze.

"Hello," I stammered between sneezes.

"Hi Mr. Wolf," said a small, feathery voice. I stopped in mid-sneeze and realized those two frightening eyes were those of Little Red! She soon revealed her face, squinting as she studied me.

"Mr. Wolf?" Little Red asked sheepishly.

"Yes," I answered.

"I need directions to my sick grannies house," she stated, now more demanding as she said this to me.

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