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The next morning they got up early and carefully went through their plans. Then they went to the Hills of Nothing and told everyone to keep alert. Nobody was excited because so many others had tried and failed. Melanie Moth was going to hover overhead and give signals. When the time neared, everyone grew tense. When it was time they went on with the plan. Spindly headed for Pesky Pond to get a snack, and Lady Lovely started to tell the guard everything she knew about anything. Stickly and Greg sneaked in behind the trees and made their way to their headquarters where Greg stayed to keep watch. Greg was skinny so he could fit right between two trees. Stickly went on to find the princess. He had a pretty good idea of where she was already.

Minutes passed. Hours passed. All was quiet. There was shuffling behind Greg. he turned around to see two figures bounding up the path. "Greg?" Stickly whispered.

"Stickly?" Greg whispered back. "Are you all right? Did you find Gina?" Stickly came into view. He motioned to be quiet and pointed at Gina. Greg was surprised. He thought Gina would be gorgeous, but she was really fat and ugly. She was gray, slimy, and had no arms. She smiled at him. He looked away.

Suddenly Spindly popped out and said, "Got ya!" Greg only saw him for a second, but what he saw horrified him. Spindly was the biggest spider he had every seen! He had long pointy teeth and about 21 eyes! He was all black and had a furry body. He was the ugliest thing Greg had ever seen!

Gina started to glow really bright. It blinded Spindly just long enough for Stickly to grab him. "Should we squash him?" asked Greg.

"No," Gina said. "We will banish him to the Forbidden Fears because spiders are as important as you or I."

"That's right." Spindly said. "We keep the population of useless bugs down."

"There is no such thing as a useless bug," corrected Greg.

"Yep, well, I guess I better show you where the bus stop is," Stickly mumbled.

"Yes, I mean, I hate to go, but I have to. Now, where is the bus stop?" asked Greg.

"Look on your map," Gina told him. Greg looked, and like magic it said "Gina Glow Worm's Kingdom," and the bus stops were there.


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