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"That sounds good, but I don't want to meet any bees. I hate bees!" Greg said.

"OK, but the bees are nice. You'll like them. come one!" As they walked, Stickly told Greg all about stickbugs and their uses. Greg was especially interested in the part when Stickly told Greg about how they can camouflage.

Soon they got to Honey Comb Village. You could tell because of all the humming. Bees were busy flying about everywhere. Greg hid behind Stickly so that the bees wouldn't see him. he was afraid of bees. "Come," Stickly said. "I'll introduce you to the queen." Greg was about to say no when Stickly trotted off. Greg followed him. Soon they came to a tall yellow dome with a hole for a door. They went in and asked the secretary if they could see Queeny the queen bee.

"Go right in," she said as she pointed to a large honey-yellow door. They stepped inside. Greg was very scared. His knees buckled up as the sweet smell of honey invaded his nose.

"Come in," said a soft voice. "Have some honey and make yourself comfortable."

Greg sat down and ate the honey gratefully. He was starved. The room was dark except for a couple of bee wax candles. When the queen bee came out of the shadows, Greg was stunned. She was beautiful. He put down his honey. She was also huge! She was as tall as Greg, and Greg was tall! They got talking about the usual stuff and about what they do every day. Greg learned that these bees made honey. He was in love with bees from then on. In fact, he even wanted to be a bee. After they had a feast with honey cake, honey candies, honey flakes, honey bread, and honey syrup on honey waffles, Greg realized that his mom was probably worried that he wasn't home yet. He told Stickly this and they excused themselves.

As they were walking back, they thought of some ways to get the princess back. Greg mentioned not knowing where a bus stop was because it wasn't on his map. Stickly said if Greg helped him rescue the princess he would help him get home. Greg thought about this and finally agreed to it. something rustled in the bushes and out jumped a ladybug. Greg shrieked and Stickly jumped. The ladybug began laughing and said over and over again, "I got you! Ha, ha! I got you!"

"Oh, Lady Lovely, you scared us!" commented Stickly.

Lady Lovely stood up and straightened her scarlet red dress. "I overheard you guys talking and I thought your ideas were good. I was wondering if I could be of any help?" Lady Lovely asked.

"Oh, would you?" Stickly questioned her. "It would be much appreciated!"

"Sure, let's get started right now!" With that she started to run in the direction of the Moth Mansion. "I bet I can beat you!" she cried. Stickly and Greg followed her up the hill. They went into a little shed and locked the door. Once they had it all planned out, and went through it twice, they went to sleep. They were going to do it tomorrow. It was perfect. Greg dreamed about his family. He missed everyone, even Jenn. He wondered if Jenn missed him. Maybe his parents even reported him missing to the police!


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