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He turned and slithered off in the direction of the kitchen to obviously find some victuals.

Valentina knew all about Victor. She was ready for his venom. With velocity, she started to formulate her plan to get Victor V. Viper and save the girls of the Victorian Vintage Girls' School from his meddling.

Valentina's first encounter with Victor was in the library, where he slithered out behind some books causing her to reel back and bang into a chair which tipped over. Victor laughed, amused by Valentina's reaction. But instead of running out of the room, Valentina just stared and winked at Victor. He was perplexed. She genuinely didn't seem afraid of him. With great determination, he opened up his mouth wide, offering his enormous fangs. Valentina just yawned and walked out of the library smiling.

That afternoon, Valentina emerged from a pet store with an unusual-looking box. The next morning at school Valentina set the box down in the vestibule and went to class.

"Victor V. Viper, your day has come," said Valentina. Out of the box slithered the most beautiful, most colorful, most exotic viper that ever existed. Meet Veronica V. Vanity, the sweetest, gentlest, viper to live on the face of the earth. Veronica went from room tooom to inspect her new surroundings. In the kitchen, she came face-to-face with Victor V. Viper, the famous venomous villian of the Victorian Vintage Girls' School. Victor viewed this voluptous vivacious virtuous Venus. Just one look, that's all it took. His heart did a turn and he melted into a mass of putty, ready to be molded into a new being. From that day on, no more was Victor V. Viper vile and vicious. Instead, he turned out to be a rather good viper after all.



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