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Victorian Vintage Girl's School

by Sarah Groner Groner, age 12

Vile and vicious was Victor V. Viper. He loved to curl up into a ball and surprise unsuspecting victims as they panicked in astonishment at such a villainous face.

Victor V. Vipor routinely managed to victimize the inhabitants of the Victorian Vintage Girls' School on lower Vancouver Street in Vermont. He would discreetly slither into a bookbag lying innocently on the floor and await the delicate moment when the owner would reach in for her books. At that precise moment, Victor V. Viper would emerge with such vociferous protests that the poor child would shriek violently. The volume was so intense that the entire school would vacate their studies to investigate.

Victor V. Viper was so villainous, that every morning, the vicar wold try to find the vexing intruder, but it was in vain. The vicar searched everywhere with a vengeance, and with such vigilence, but as always, Victor was the winner, completely eluding his enemy.

Victor was a vagabond; he wandered around the school at will causing such vehement chaos that something had to be done and soon. Enter Valentina V. Victorious, a new student. In the vestibule she stood, full of virtue and vigor. Victor V. Viper viewed her and said, "What fun I will have with this child."


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