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My remembrance faded. I dug around in shadows and holes and finally found two pictures, a picture of my father. His words softly spoke to me, I closed my eyes and he was there, with me. He patted my shoulder and gave me his old pocket watch and said, "Beauty exists only in the heart." And he was gone.

My eyes were still closed. When I opened them he was gone, but when I closed them again my mother appeared. She kissed me on the cheek and gave me her cloak that I had forgotten that day and said, "Love will lead you to us."

I opened my eyes and I was in our cabin with Angie next to me. The cloak and pocket watch were still in my hands.

I Follow my Heart...

"Angie! I have to go, I have to go quick!"

"Hold on, hold on, tell me why?" So I told her, I told her everything. She smiled "If you have to go, then take us with you."

"Angie, we can't take Bethany."

She sighed "For once you're making sense." "It's been a long night, let's decide in the morning." So she and Bethany climbed into bed, and an hour later, I went to bed.

The morning was bright, and I had a plan. The journey was long, so we had to hurry, because I felt that my mother was in great danger. I took Chip and Bethany to Chief Red Feather and she stayed there as long as Angie and me were on our trip.

I had followed my heart to Chief Red Feather, now I had to follow it to Ma.

A Message...

The day was hot, it was the tenth day of my journey. On and on and on went the desert, it seemed as if it would never end. Angie thought so too.

Good thing we had brought enough food to last half a year. But, carrying all o' that food did have it's disadvantages. First of all, it was heavy. Second of all, two 24-year-olds couldn't eat that fast, so it didn't go as quickly as we wanted it to. But, on the 12th day, a message came. I was sleeping and my mother appeared. "Look for life and follow it to me," she said. So, in the morning I discovered that I was sleeping on a trail of ants. Angie was going to stomp on one, but I stopped her.

"Angie, this is a sign of life in the desert, my mother told me to follow my heart; let's follow the ants." So we did.


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