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One night in February we heard something on top of the roof. Prowling, sneakin' and tryin' to rip shingles off o' the roof. I grabbed me rusty rifle an' cautiously peaked out the window. Nothing. A growl! A hiss! I cautiously motioned to Angie to take Bethany into the bed room. Wolf and Fred were at my side.

I decided to look outside once more then, a huge eye meets mine. A huge paw with four sharp claws swipes against the window, makin' a screechin' sound. A mouth as big as one of our big fat pillows shows itself, blood red, filled with gleaming white teeth as sharp as knives.

As big as a pillow; that's it! I get a pillow, as soon as t' glass is shattered. The mouth reveals itself again - now's my chance! I shove the giant pillow down it's throat, cuttin' off it's air circulation. It died.

I looked around. Wolf an' Fred were gone. My home was gone. All that was there was light. Then a man appears. He has a white beard and is an Indian, but he's a spirit. The spirit of the mountain lion I just killed. He spoke; "It is time for you to go on your vision path, Blue Sky."

A Dream Comes True!!

Light, light was everywhere! My eyes blurred an' I was in a house. Somehow I recognized it. I seemed to vaguely remember. Then it hit me. Seven years before, when I was thirteen. Right before Angie woke me up. Then, this time there was no snake, but it was the same place, I was positive. But, before my dream I had remembered it. Flashbacks came back to me:

A child,
A boy,
A house,
A shack,
This house!
A man,
A father,
My father,
A woman,
My mother,
I was a baby,
My mother was rocking me;
Rockabye Baby
In the treetop,
When the bow breaks,
The cradle will fall,
And down will come baby,
And all .....


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