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"Huh?", I said, looking around.

"Over here!", said the voice. It was coming from behind the bushes.

I was going to run away

but a hand reached out and grabbed me! I screamed, fearing the worst. The hand pulled me to the ground and covered up my mouth! I looked up to see the monster but to my surprise the thing wasn't a monster at all! I I stopped screaming. The thing was just a girl! The girl said, "Hi, my name is Mallory. Who are you?" I was still too astonished to speak or even hear clearly, so I just lay there with my mouth open. So the girl said, "Well, what's your name?"

"T-T-T-e-e-r-r-i-i," I stammered.

"What?", the voice said, confused.

"TERI!", I screamed.

"O.K.", said the voice contentedly. "LISTEN UP!" yelled the thing.

"Huh?", I said.

"Were you listening?" the voice asked.

"NO!" I said truthfully.

"Here, let me help you up." the girl said. She reached her hand down to mine. I reached my hand slowly up to hers. She looked friendly enough. "Now here's the plan," she said. "At night you and I will dress up like ghosts and scare your troop!"

"Are you crazy?", I said without thinking, "We will get caught."


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