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Revenge of the Chocolate Soldiers

Meanwhile at the main office of the chocolate factory the boss who had fired Kelly called down to the chocolate making room and said "Code red! Code red! FORMULA XXX has been spilled! Get ready for them to attack you!" "Sir," the worker said "How can chocolate soldiers attack us?" the boss frowned and said "whenever FORMULA XXX is spilled on something if theyıre alive it puts them asleep forever or, if they are not alive it wakes them up." "OK" the worker said "I get that but I donıt get why they are attacking." The boss said "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, when they wake up they are extremely greedy and want to take over the world and they attack the first people they see." He hung up the phone and listened as the now life-sized chocolate soldiers marched out the door of the waiting room and started running towards the chocolate making room. In the chocolate making room the elves were running around like crazy people getting ready to fight the chocolate soldiers.

Just when they were ready, the soldiers burst through the door and a big battle started. Three hours later the battle was still raging but the elves were so sleepy that they fell down to the floor and started snoring. Only the head elf, Golda, wasnıt asleep. She was about to fall asleep when she remembered that some kindergartners were coming today for a visit. Sure enough, the doors flew open and a bunch of kindergartners came in and started munching on the soldiers. A couple of minutes later, the now-awake elves and a bunch of full little kids went out of the room now filled only with crumbs.

As the noise died down, out of the mess stepped Colonel Krackel. He was using his candy gun as a cane because his leg had been bitten off. He started to hobble towards the door, then he stopped and said "Iıll be back!!"


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