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The Revenge of the Chocolate Soldiers

By Jimmy Greenblatt, from US

One time in a far away city there was a secret lab where elves made chocolate, and because itıs a secret lab, I canıt tell you where it is. Well, anyway, in the secret lab one day a careless little elf named Kelly who at that time was reading a magazine accidentally knocked over a test tube labeled ""FORMULA XXX over onto a couple sheets of chocolate soldiers. "Oh Man" Kelly moaned. After cleaning up the mess she reluctantly went over to tell her boss about the accident. While she was shutting the door of her office she stopped and looked around. She had a peculiar feeling that someone or something was watching her. Finally she convinced herself that she was just stressed out and she again turned around and started to walk over to her bossı office.

When she was gone, one of the chocolate figures sat up and smiled. His name was Colonel Krackel and he was the leader of the diabolical chocolate soldiers. Another soldier stood up and said to him "Private Payday reporting for duty Sir." "Good. Youıre awake. Go wake the others and then report back here." "Yes Sir" Private Payday replied. As the other soldiers woke Colonel Krackel went over and looked through the window at the chocolate factory and said "Soon I will have you in my grasp, my sugary beauty."

As Colonel Krackel stopped and thought about his plan he heard the door start to open. He turned around and saw the soldiers pulling back the door and preparing to fire their weapons. He ran as fast as he could to the door and closed it gently. "Why did you do that, Sir?" said one of the soldiers. "Because, marshmallow head, we are bite size!! How do you propose to defeat those nitwit elves if they are four feet taller then you?" The soldier responded, "Good point sir! But how are we going to get big?" Colonel Krackel grinned wickedly and said "follow me." He led them to another test tube labeled S2L and after every soldier had a sip, they all grew to six feet tall.


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